Informing ambulatory care network expansion with retail analytics

Adeptus Health is the leading developer of ambulatory care networks in the U.S., having built freestanding emergency room networks to expand the continuum of care for premier healthcare systems in the U.S. Our proprietary Market Analysis & Development process is responsible for scaling the emergency department footprint in the Phoenix, Denver, Colorado Springs and Texas markets to meet market demand for emergency medical care.

Adeptus’ Market Analysis & Development team pioneered the integration of retail market development strategies within the healthcare industry. Our team created a healthcare-specific predictive analytics platform, named Adeptus NSite, that generates actionable market insights gleaned from multiple consumer behavioral data sets. Using this tool, our team of Geographic Information Analysts apply these insights to proven site performance metrics to develop forward-thinking market plans. Using these plans, we have successfully located, designed, built, and managed over 100 retail healthcare facilities — more than any other healthcare company.

Through our refined processes, we expand the market presence of our healthcare system partners with unparalleled speed to market. From site selection to facility operation, our partners can begin delivering healthcare services to underserved communities in just 14-21 months.

Our expertise doesn’t stop there. We specialize in developing long-range market development plans to help our healthcare system partners expand their ambulatory care networks. To develop long-range strategies, we consider extensive variables of each market, including:

  • Demand for services in each service area.
  • Location and quality of alternative providers.
  • Cannibalization of existing facilities and services.
  • Quantity of potential locations a market can accommodate.

Adeptus Health NSite Market Planning Engine

Our proprietary market planning engine is comprised of complex predictive analytical algorithms driven by various sources of technology and data. Adeptus applies these algorithms to large sources of consumer data to identify patterns for more accurate assessments and predictions. From identifying potential markets, to projecting consumer patterns, Adeptus utilizes this valuable data to reduce uncertainty and develop detailed plans and forecasts with a proactive strategic approach.

Traffic Generators

Traffic generators are areas concentrated with businesses that attract large flows of consumers. Adeptus identifies the most relevant traffic generators that draw consumers from local or distant markets, whether consumers drive by a site during their morning commute, or travel to a retail area for daily needs.

Auto Traffic Counts

Adeptus utilizes data drawn from multiple proprietary sources to analyze vehicle traffic near potential sites. Traffic count data records the number and times that vehicles passing selected locations, providing a gauge of activity in the area, and identifying daily or weekly patterns. These indicators inform Adeptus’ evaluation of accessibility and traffic patterns around potential facility sites.

Competitive Hospital Quality

Our market analysis considers the quality of available health care services in the service area. Quality ratings from the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), American Hospital Association (AHA), Center for Disease Control (CDC) in conjunction with online reviews and word-of-mouth industry referrals help Adeptus identify potentially underserved areas for healthcare services.

Competitor Service Areas

Competitor locations are identified alongside variables such as market demographics and accessibility of road networks to develop competitor service area maps. Adeptus considers these variables and proximity factors in determining the distance consumers are willing to travel for emergency health services, and mapping optimal site locations.

Psychographics / Demographics / Payor Mix

Adeptus evaluates the consumer data in the service area as part of their comprehensive site analysis. This data includes payor mix factors impacting pricing, reimbursement, overall profitability and patient utilization rates. Additionally, the demographic and psychographic factors of consumer data expose specific consumer characteristics determining the market feasibility of potential service areas.

The Adeptus Market Analysis & Development team and Adeptus NSite Predictive Analytics Platform are changing how health systems think about and deploy their sites of care. If you’re interested in putting these powerful tools to work for your system, complete the form below.

Speed to Market

  • Development team with over 150 years of combined experience with leading multi-unit retail brands
  • Proprietary site-selection model driven by industry leading predictive analytics engine
  • 14- 21 months from site identification to opening
  • Robust pipeline creation
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