Adeptus Health is a healthcare managed services company that partners with leading healthcare networks seeking to outsource the management of their ambulatory care networks.  A pioneer in the field of freestanding, satellite emergency rooms, our process rethinks all aspects of operational and clinical management to incorporate lean, efficient operations, while improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Our teams integrate with our partners’ clinical and operational processes to ensure a seamless patient experience. We adapt to your network’s existing workflows and processes in a way that ensures a smooth transition and upholds your clinical standards of excellence.

Our Roots

Adeptus’ physician founder drew from clinical expertise and patient safety goals to reinvent emergency department staffing. This innovative model provides a leaner, more team-oriented and cost-effective way to run an emergency department – while maintaining patient safety. Designed uniquely for the freestanding emergency room, the lean staffing model yields more efficiency than a traditional hospital emergency department, but can be applied to any facility in your ambulatory network. Our structure ensures that your teams can provide a high level of care and superior patient experience.

By integrating this model within your clinical ecosystem, Adeptus can navigate patients to the right care at the right place at the right time with improved efficiency and delivery. Take a look at what Adeptus can do for you.

Staff Structure

Our lean staffing model helps our partners set a staffing structure based on patient volume to ensure the right staff with the right skillset are always onsite. This structure is comprised of physician-led, expert staff who operate outside of their typical job responsibilities to function as a highly cohesive team. We can help you scale this model to your unique facility and volume, and maintain the staff ratio needed for optimal patient experience.

Improving Patient Throughput

Adeptus has achieved significant improvements in patient throughput for our partners. The key to our approach is rethinking ambulatory care staffing and process — not being bound to the old ways of doing things.

Case Study – Improving Throughput & Patient Satisfaction

Reducing Wait Times

One of the most common patient complaints is the excessive wait times to see a doctor. With our lean staffing model, we can help you overcome this issue by providing a staffing structure that operates more effectively to improve patient flow and reduce wait times. Adeptus-managed facilities offer superior wait times compared to hospitals and other healthcare facilities. We can help you reduce wait  times to improve your patient throughput.

90 percent of our patients are seen by a doctor in 30 minutes or less.

In many of our facilities, the wait time to see a doctor is 10 minutes or less.

Imaging results in 30 minutes or less.

Emergency Throughput

Time is critical  in emergency medical care . That’s why our lean staffing model ensures that the right level and number of staff is onsite at all times to not only handle any medical emergencies, but to provide faster care. Patients in Adeptus facilities typically receive the emergency care they need faster than at a hospital emergency department. Heart attack and STEMI patients, for example, receive faster priority treatment and transport to a nearby hospital catheterization lab.

Medical staff in Adeptus-designed facilities have access to fully-equipped medical facilities necessary to handle patient emergencies in a timely manner.

  • Full digital imaging suite, including CT scanners, digital x-rays, and ultrasound.
  • From six to nine exam rooms.
  • A high-acuity OB-GYN room and a child-friendly, high-acuity pediatric room.
  • CLIA/COLA-certified lab.

Patient and Staff Satisfaction

Allow us to serve your healthcare network with our proven, award-winning processes. We can help you improve levels of patient and staff satisfaction.

  • Our patient-centered processes led Adeptus to win the Press Ganey Guardian of Excellence Award four times. This award is granted based on reaching the 95th percentile for patient experience, employee or physician engagement and clinical quality performance, based on one year of data.
  • Adeptus was named a 2016 and 2017 Best Workplaces in Healthcare by Great Place to Work® and Fortune Magazine.
  • We have achieved a remarkable 97% physician retention rate
Guardian of Excellence Award 4 years

Continuous Innovation

Adeptus strives for innovation and operational excellence. We tap into the largest set of emergency department usage and operational data currently available. It has helped us gain a unique understanding of operational and clinical requirements as well as regulatory, certification and licensing requirements. It also has provided us with unique insights into how to enhance the patient experience and make emergency departments run more efficiently and effectively without sacrificing the quality of care. We can help improve your ambulatory care networks with these data-driven insights just as we’ve done in our own facilities.


Adeptus can handle all aspects of compliance for the facilities we manage, including licensing and laboratory compliance.

Ready to discuss new opportunities of building cost-efficient, accessible, high-quality ambulatory networks for your community?