As a leader in ED practice management within the satellite emergency department setting, Adeptus understands the unique clinical practice needs of the emergency department environment. We developed National Medical Professionals (NMP), our physician sourcing and staffing solution, to recruit highly qualified emergency department physicians for our facilities. NMP has scaled to provide management and staffing solutions for our partners’ emergency departments and ambulatory care networks. Our proven patient-centered, team-based approach to the practice of emergency medicine improves patient satisfaction and reduces the cost of care, all while increasing physician job satisfaction.

The Freestanding ED Staffing Leader

National Medical Professionals (NMP) is a leading emergency physician staffing company that is transforming the delivery of emergency medicine. NMP established the team-based approach to the practice of emergency medicine, which optimizes staffing expense, drives clinical excellence, and leads to higher physician job satisfaction. Led by a group of prestigious emergency medical directors and officers, our physicians are focused on developing solutions to improve outcomes. Through our culture of innovation and adherence to best practices in emergency medicine, NMP has become one of the largest emergency physician staffing companies in the healthcare industry.

  • Over 1,000 emergency physicians on staff
  • Recruiting and staffing providers in over 100 healthcare facilities across three states
  • Seamless clinical integration across the partners healthcare system network
  • Improved care delivery and cost management

Data-Driven Clinical Results

We believe numbers should inform clinical operations to improve outcomes and patient experience. NMP uses robust, real-time data analytics to provide our physicians with the insights they need to improve clinical quality and patient outcomes. Our data provides valuable insight and objective views of people, performance, and processes at the system, facility, and provider levels. These are just a few of the results we’ve achieved for our partners:

  • 96 percent physician retention rate
  • Achieving door-to-doctor times well below industry norms
  • Achieving patient throughput times well below industry norms

Clinical Integration

We understand your goal is driving clinical excellence throughout your system each and every day. That’s why NMP leadership works tirelessly with our health system partners to understand and drive your clinical processes seamlessly through our clinical practice. This approach enables NMP physicians to proficiently practice medicine within your system and ensure consistent clinical practice across your continuum of care. Using your internal systems and tools, we improve patient flows by analyzing transfer and admissions data, identifying patterns and clinical pathways, all while aiming to deliver optimal care and improved patient satisfaction. This process is designed to provide patients with the right care at the right place, every time.

Full-Service Staffing Solution

NMP is a full-service physician staffing solution. We handle everything– from sourcing, to scheduling, and distributing payroll. When we partner with a healthcare system, we eliminate the need for a medical staff office, allowing our partners to benefit from reduced operating costs. Our management includes source verification and credentialing preparation, contracting, payer enrollment, payroll preparation, as well as managed-care negotiation and contracts. If you’re seeking a management and staffing solution to transform healthcare delivery in your facilities, we can help.

Physician and Patient Satisfaction

Our innovative staffing models and physician-led emergency department teams have created an unparalleled level of satisfaction among physicians and patients. Operational processes are constantly improved to ensure doctors spend optimal time with patients, resulting in improved patient care, outcomes, and satisfaction. Our emergency physicians benefit from less bureaucracy, increased time with the patient, shorter commutes, and higher job security, resulting in increased job satisfaction. Adeptus Health was named a 2016 and 2017 Best Workplaces in Healthcare by Great Place to Work® and Fortune Magazine.

We’ve developed an industry-leading solution that delivers clinical excellence, lowers cost of care and improves physician job satisfaction. To learn more about how our patient-centered, team-based approach can benefit your system, complete the form below.

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