Add retail marketing expertise to your marketing team

The convergence of value-based reimbursements, online technology, and the empowered consumer changed the rules in healthcare marketing. While most healthcare systems focus their marketing efforts on building brand awareness across the market, Adeptus Health’s marketing expertise lies in building awareness at the community level by marrying proven retail marketing techniques with a proprietary hyper-targeting model that generates higher facility volumes.

Our team of seasoned retail healthcare marketers has developed a disciplined approach to marketing facilities that has delivered year-over-year volume growth for our partners, and our own branded facilities. We are committed to innovation and the application of continuous improvement in our marketing programs. Using our “test, learn and roll-out” model, we have identified the most effective tactics for raising community awareness and educating consumers on the appropriate use of healthcare facilities.

Retail Signage Meets Healthcare

The anchor of our marketing is the facility. Over the past 15 years, we have created an optimal signage package that ensures high visibility of your brand in the community. In our approach, the facility is not only a point of care; it’s your brand presence in the community.

Drilling down to the Community Level

The fragmentation of media has made it critical for brands to get local — hyperlocal. Blending today’s localization marketing tools and techniques with powerful online monitoring tools, Adeptus Health’s marketing team delivers competitive advantage by expanding your marketing department’s knowledge, expertise and capabilities.

Geolocation-Enabled Web Presence

We establish and grow a localized web presence for service lines, making it easier for prospective patients to find the information they need, and most importantly, find and map the route to the nearest facility.


Our hyper-targeted SEO strategy consistently places our facilities at the top of Google search results within 2-3 months of launch. Our advanced geotargeting techniques enable pinpoint ad delivery within predefined geographic parameters to create customized marketing zones for each facility. This data-driven approach eliminates competing against yourself for keywords, thus maximizing your budget. Plus, we engineer online display campaigns to place our clients’ messages in front of potential consumers even when they’re not searching.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms continue to build follower bases, and more importantly, deliver access to specific consumer segments. In conjunction with a localization strategy, social media further builds our brand presence and reputation in the community, and within your customized marketing zone. Using our proven approach, we can perpetuate the “local community healthcare practice” ideal desired by today’s on-demand consumer.

Online Reputation Management

Numerous studies indicate over 68% of consumers use online reviews and third-party referrals to inform healthcare decisions. Our online reputation management team constantly monitors your review and social media sites to give you a first line of service recovery. Our team monitors and responds to online postings, and works directly with patient advocates and compliance to identify and address service issues.

Localizing marketing efforts delivers results – period. Adeptus Health’s marketing team brings a unique understanding and executional expertise to build your patient census and deliver competitive advantage.  To find out more, complete the form below. We would love to show you how our localization strategies work.

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