The site design team at Adeptus collaborates with our healthcare system partners, and both market development and architectural teams, to create facility concepts that best meet the needs of our clients. Whether the facility is a freestanding emergency room, ambulatory care site, microhospital or a full-sized hospital, our team can design a fully-customizable site of care that tailors the size, style, and design to your system’s unique needs.

Our proven site design process is the foundation of the success and patient outcomes of each facility.

Adeptus has built more than 100 healthcare facilities across the United States. Our facilities range from 5,000 square foot freestanding emergency rooms to smart-sized hospitals of 50 beds and 95,000 square feet featuring purpose-driven design.
Using our extensive market analysis process, we design facilities with sizing and capacity compatible with the local market data. We balance your desired facility components with market data to determine the services and scale most appropriate for your chosen market. This data-driven design allows us to develop the most cost-effective facilities that maximize market potential and successfully expand the footprint of your healthcare system.
Adeptus offers standard floor plans as a base concept for each healthcare facility and then works with clients to customize facility options. Depending on your need and market capacity, we can add or remove any component of the concept. Clients focusing on ambulatory care networks may desire a larger medical office building (MOB) space or orthopedic services, while a client’s freestanding emergency room may incorporate a larger emergency department. Regardless of facility services and needs, we can bring your vision to market.
Every facility adheres to all planning, design, and construction guidelines set by the Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI). FGI promotes research-based guidelines for the advancement of quality healthcare and serves as the industry standard. Maintaining FGI compliance ensures safer and more effective healthcare facilities that are recognized for patient commitment and excellence.
Adeptus works with healthcare system partners to incorporate energy efficient options and enhance healthcare facilities’ sustainability. These measures aid in reducing consumption of community resources, and may positively impact market perception and staffing morale. Our architects hold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accreditation with the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), enabling clients to achieve their sustainability goals, up to and including LEED certification.
Your success is a top priority at Adeptus. Partner relationships allow us to provide full-service support to meet every facility need. We work with financial partners to secure financing capital for site development, marketing partners to create highly visible signage that increases brand awareness, as well as architectural partners for the customized facility development.

Flexible Design Concept

Through our unique flexible design concept, we offer a scalable approach to healthcare facility design. Each module can be added or removed, expanded or minimized, depending on client and market needs. This process of fully customizable modules allows healthcare networks to design facilities as small as a freestanding emergency room or as large as a full-service hospital. This modular approach drives our facility design and construction process, simplifying the demands of your healthcare organization while maximizing speed to market.

We also offer full customized facility designs to suit your care facility needs.

Modular floor plan

Modules/Building blocks

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Standard SED design

Ready to discuss new opportunities of building cost-efficient, accessible, high-quality ambulatory networks for your community?