Why Microhospitals Have Become A Hot Trend In Healthcare

Microhospitals are a fast-growing trend in healthcare.  Microhospitals are small-scale in-patient facilities that offer a variety of emergency medical services. They allow healthcare networks to make healthcare more accessible, convenient and cost-effective.

While microhospitals specialize in low-acuity patients, they also provide ambulatory care, emergency care and primary care to bridge the gap in healthcare delivery.

As healthcare networks struggle to meet consumer demand, microhospitals offer an alternative to large-scale hospitals that is both affordable, scalable and more convenient for patients.  Microhospitals offer comparatively lower capital needs coupled with lower cost of construction   compared to larger, campus-base hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers.

Five key areas comprise a microhospital: emergency department, imaging and diagnostics, surgery and procedures, inpatient care unit, and medical offices. By offering a single point of care, microhospitals have satisfied increasing patient expectations by providing exceptional care quality, and superior wait and treatment times. These benefits are making microhospitals a leading strategy for health systems. .

Since they offer both emergency and primary care, microhospitals are more competitive than urgent care centers and ambulatory surgical centers, and they are better for consumers’ wide-ranging healthcare needs. Additionally, these facilities allow health system to customized the service line offer to meet the needs of the surrounding population.

With their economical construction and operating costs, and their intimate delivery model, microhospitals are ideal for under-serviced and rural areas.

Adeptus Health, a leader in the development, construction and management of microhospitals,  has partnered with some of the nation’s leading healthcare networks to build and operate smart-sized microhospitals in Texas, Colorado and Arizona.  These include microhospitals of up to 50 beds and 95,000 square feet.

We offer a unique modular design concept that allows healthcare systems to customize  a microhospital to the unique needs of their patient population and the market.  This modular approach drives our facility design and construction process, simplifying the demands of your healthcare organization while maximizing speed to market.

Learn more about how Adeptus Health can partner with your healthcare systems  to deploy microhospitals in your market. Visit our microhospital site design page to learn more.


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