Residential Services

Residential Services

Diagnostics And Repair

Elevate your home’s digital experience with Adaptive Professional Technologies, LLC’s Residential Diagnostics and Repair services. Our expert team is dedicated to ensuring your home technology operates seamlessly. From diagnosing connectivity issues to troubleshooting device malfunctions, we deliver prompt and efficient solutions tailored to your needs. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a reliable partner at your service, committed to maintaining the smooth operation of your home’s IT infrastructure.

Choose Adaptive Professional Technologies, LLC for unparalleled Residential Diagnostics and Repair services, where technology meets convenience.


Residential Services Virus removal

Virus & Spyware Removal

An expertly skilled professional will eliminate the viruses and bugs causing your computer to operate slowly. Additionally, your PC will undergo optimization, and a comprehensive system checkup will be conducted. Adaptive suggests considering a security package to prevent the recurrence of these viruses!

Physical Cleaning

A computer tends to gather more dust than one might realize. Rest assured, let the professionals handle the thorough cleaning of dust, dirt, and grime from both the interior and exterior of your PC. The keyboard, mouse-ball, and monitor will also receive meticulous cleaning. Breathe easy knowing your computer is in capable hands.


Not certain about the issue at hand? Let a skilled professional from Adaptive thoroughly inspect the intricacies of your hardware and software to pinpoint the exact problem. Whether it's crashes, lockups, peculiar behavior, or internet issues, Adaptive is poised to diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve them all!

Checkup & Optimization

This straightforward checkup and optimization process effectively purges the PC of any unnecessary files and programs. It includes updating the operating system and existing protection measures. The hard drive undergoes de-fragmentation, and a comprehensive system scan is conducted to identify and rectify any errors.

Operating System OS installation

An Adaptive expert will reinstall your operating system, enhancing your computer's speed and cleanliness. We'll also update drivers for seamless hardware performance, saving you from repurchasing the original operating system. Different Windows versions are available separately.

Operating system Repair

Your operating system may need repair for various reasons. This procedure will swiftly restore your system and get you back up and running.

Insurance Estimate

Following a storm, if your computer is left powerless, Adaptive can supply a written estimate tailored for your insurance company.

PC Setup

This service involves unpacking and setting up your PC in your home workspace. Your computer area will be organized, ensuring a clean and tidy space for the rest of your day. Say goodbye to cable clutter—let Adaptive handle the setup for you!

Password Recovery

If you've forgotten your Windows password, don't rely on amateurs to figure it out. Let Adaptive expertly decode your enigma for a swift resolution.

Data Destruction Service

Employing techniques similar to those used by the military and government, Adaptive can securely erase data from any Hard Disk Drive, ensuring the permanent destruction of all confidential files.

Backup Services

Let an Adaptive computer expert install an automatic backup system on your computer to save all your data and critical files daily. Safeguard your essential data with this critical backup system, recognizing that no computer runs indefinitely! Hardware not included.


Wireless Network Setup Plus Parts

Establish a secure connection between two PCs over an encrypted wireless signal, facilitating easy internet access and printer use from both devices. Additionally, enable seamless file sharing between the computers. (Hardware not included.)

Wired Network Setup (same Room) Plus Parts

Link two PCs with a network cable for convenient connectivity, suitable for the same room. Access the internet, print from both PCs, and seamlessly share files between them. (Routers, hubs, and adapters not included; connecting cable is included.)

Wired Network (different Rooms) Plus Parts

An Adaptive computer expert will expertly install wall plates in each room, connecting the two seamlessly. This enables access to the internet, files, and printers from both computers. (Routers, hubs, and adapters not included; connecting cables are included.)

Security And Protection Packages

Standard Security Package

An Adaptive computer professional will enhance your PC's performance by eliminating unnecessary files and programs, followed by a thorough checkup and cleanup. Subsequently, the PC will be updated with the latest operating system updates, and protective software will be installed to guard against viruses, spyware, and hacker attacks.

Advance Security Package

Similar to the standard package, however, more advanced software is used to protect your computer from crippling internet attacks.

Premium Security Package

This package improves upon the advanced package as it uses proprietary security software unknown even to many security professionals. Adaptive guarantees your computer to be free from all viruses, spyware, and hackers for one full year!

Install Anti-Spam Software

Anti-spam software will be installed to protect your inbox from annoying messages. Configured for Outlook or Outlook Express POP3 mailboxes.

Hardware Upgrades

Memory Upgrade

Have an Adaptive professional upgrade the computer‘s memory. Note: More memory is similar to having a larger workspace, not a larger file cabinet. (Memory is not the same as "Hard Drive space" or "storage space".) Memory modules are not included.

Processor Upgrade

Many smart computer shoppers purchase their new PCs with the slowest available CPU (to save money). After a year, the CPU that WAS top-of-the-line is now considerably cheaper. Now is the time to maximize your computer's potential - by having its brain transplanted by an Adaptive computer professional. CPU not included.

Motherboard, Memory, and CPU Upgrade

Whether you desire more power from your computer or have experienced a system failure, upgrading the "guts" of your system can often get you back on your feet for less than the cost of a new computer. Leave this one to Adaptive - we are the only ones in town that can pull this one off without having to also perform an "Operating System Repair". Hardware not included.

Hard Drive Upgrade - Main Drive Replacement

Replace the hard drive in your computer with a bigger, better, faster drive. Have an Adaptive technician move your operating system and all of your critical data to the new drive. Drive not included.

Hard Drive Upgrade - Secondary Drive Installed

A secondary hard drive is installed into your system and is set as a "D: Drive". This allows you to save your data to the new drive, or free up space on the "C: Drive".

First Response Service

Emergency Services

In situations where time is of the essence, Adaptive ensures an immediate response to meet your urgent requirements. Please note that an additional charge will apply in such cases, on top of the fee for the provided service.